Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Test out your Information Literacy Skills

The Lake City Community College Library has a web-based tutorial to test your information literacy skills.

Info Game Tutorial

The tutorial covers five modules:

1. Basic internet vocabulary and concepts

2. How to choose topics for research

3. Search techniques

4. Using a variety of sources for research

5. The evaluation module

College students need to be able to pass this tutorial, because this is really just the basics. College credit courses on "information literacy", LIS2004, which many Florida community colleges offer, goes into more depth than this tutorial.

When you pass the four modules with a 70% score, and then complete the evaluation, you can print out the certificate of completion and give to your instructor.

I would be particularly interested in what the Educational Technology students think of this tutorial. Please email your comments to:
Vickie Lepore
Coordinator, Library Research

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