Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How much do you want to know about Blogs?

1) Awareness of Blogs

2) How to find and review Blogs

3) Create and play with your own Blog

4) Use blogs for personal or professional reasons


and Wetpaint are two free blog software resources.

Today we are going to create a simple blog using the Blogger software, and I will show you a few "controls" on the dashboard. As you create your blog, I'll be "blogging" about what we are doing during this class period. Then you will have a record of what we did.

You need to write down this URL address, so you can refer to this blog! http://lcccw20.blogspot.com

Where did this image come from?

You will notice that I'm using illustrations which I've copied from the internet. Since I'm using these pictures just for this class, my use falls under the "Fair Use" permission. It is still advisable to give the URL, or link to it, unless the image is specifically a free image clip.

Know Your Copy Rights: What You Can Do

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